Major parts of the district are occupied by rugged and uneven terrains/hills constituting parts of the southern extension of Naga Hill ranges, with their elevation ranging from 350 to 1,950 m above mean sea level (AMSL). Of the total geographical area of 4,570 sq. km. of the district, about 5.57%, i.e. 255 sq. km. is the valley portion. A small and narrow valley adjoining Churachandpur having an area extent of 200 sq. km. is present through which the Khuga River, a tributary of Manipur River is flowing towards northern direction. This valley actually forms the southern extension of Manipur valley and is locally known as Khuga valley. In addition, small valley areas are seen around Behiang, Leizangphai and Tuilaphai. The area is mainly drained by the tributaries viz. Khuga, Tuila, Tuili, Leimatak, Tuivai and Barak of Manipur River. Leimatak River and Tuipiilui River, tributaries of Irang River flow towards northerly direction, while the rest of the rivers flow in general southerly direction. Most of these river-courses are structurally controlled and are parallel to sub-parallel with one another, generally flowing in the direction of NNE-SSW. Dendritic to parallel drainage pattern is also noticed in the district.