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Churachandpur district occupies the south-west part of Manipur state. It stretches between 93° 15’E and 94° 45΄E Longitude and between 24°N and 24° 30 N Latitudes. It has 4570 Sq.Km geographical area constituting 20.47% of the total geographical area of the State and it is the largest district of Manipur in terms of area. It is bounded by Jiribam SubDivision of Imphal East, Tamenglong District on the North, Bishnupur and Chandel District on the East Myanmar (Burma) and Mizoram state on the South and Cachar District of Assam on the West. The topography of the district is hilly. The district got its name “Churachandpur” from the Manipur king Churachand Singh. The District Headquarter, Churachandpur, which is the second largest town of the state, is situated at a distance of 64 kilometres from the State capital – Imphal.

Administrative Set up

Churachandpur district which was previously known as Manipur South District came into existence in the year 1969 alongwith the district reorganization of Manipur.Manipur was till then a single district Union Territory having only 10 Sub-Divisions. By an order of Manipur Government No. 20/39/69-D dated 12thNovember, 1969, Manipur was divided into 5 districts having 25 Sub-Divisions. Under the said notification, the Churachandpur Sub-Division alongwith 15 hill villages of Jiribam Sub-Division were transferred to Manipur South District. The District was further divided into 5 sub-divisions, namely, Tipaimukh, Thanlon, Churachandpur North (presently known as Henglep), Churachandpur and Thinghat (presently known as Singngat). Since then there have been some minor territorial changes in the jurisdiction of the district. In 1972, 14 hill villages belonging to Jiribam sub-division of Manipur Central District (now Imphal district) were added to the administrative and revenue jurisdiction of Tipaimukh sub-division of the district. During 1981 and 1991 the district lost two hill villages belonging to Churachandpur sub-division. These hill villages were already lying within the geographical jurisdiction of Bishnupur district and the transfer to these villages to Bishnupur district was made in 1985 for administrative conveniences. During the intervening period the name of the district had also been changed Manipur South District to Churachandpur district. With the functioning of 5 new sub-divisions namely Vangai, Mualnuam, Tuibong, Sangaikot and Kangvai, the District is presently divided into 11 sub-divisions and 12 tribal development blocks.

The District Magistrate-Cum-Deputy Commissioner (District Collector) is the head of the district. He is assisted by an Additional Deputy Commissioner/Additional District Magistrate and Assistant Commissioner by such other officers and staff as are appointed from time to time. Maintenance of law and order, revenue administration, economic development is the main duties of the District Administration. The district is divided into a number of administrative units (Sub-division) which are in the charge of Sub-Divisional Officer (Magistrate). The district has a total of 11 such sub-divisions namely

  1. Tipaimukh sub-division
  2. Vangai sub-division
  3. Thanlon sub-division
  4. Mualnuam sub-division
  5. Henglep sub-division
  6. Kangvai sub-division
  7. Churachandpur Sub-Division
  8. Singngat Sub-Division
  9. Sangaikot sub-division
  10. Tuibong sub-division
  11. Saikot sub-division.

Besides the aforementioned sub-divisions which are concurrently tribal development blocks, the district has another tribal development block namely Samulamlan T.D.Block.

Churachandpur district was recently bifurcated with the creation of new district namely Pherzawl district with the following sub-divisions namely namely

  1. Tipaimukh sub-division
  2. Vangai sub-division
  3. Thanlon sub-division.

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